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11:00 AM — 3:00 PM


Our first demonstration for 2014 will occur at the Kingsburg Arts Gallery, 1332 Draper Street, Kingsburg, from 1 – 3 p.m., on Saturday, March 22, 2014 

Come meet the new President Sandra Dobbs who will be our first presenter for 2014. Please join us in welcoming new President Sandra and our new treasurer Polly.  We will be holding a reception also to recognize the hard work and dedication of our outgoing officers, Pam Kjar and John Boyd. By the way, bring another art lover with you!  We’d love to share the nicest little gallery in the valley--the Kingsburg Arts Center and Gallery-- with new friends.

Sandra is an art lover who expresses her talents as an oil painter.  She is currently a student of Linda McCoy and has enjoyed studying and refining her techniques and skill through Linda’s influence.  She will demonstrate some of her techniques during the presentation.

Patricia Brock, Events


Become A Gallery Member

Gallery Numbers

The Gallery Number system was created for better tracking of Incidental Inventory (items such as cards or prints, etc.) as some artists were not being paid for sales because the person writing up the sales slip couldn’t tell whom the item belonged to or the treasurer couldn’t read the name scrawled on the sales receipt. What is your Gallery Number and what does it do? Each of us has been assigned an individual Gallery Number and every item you bring into the Gallery should be labeled with this number. Each item you bring in needs to have THE SAME NUMBER. For Example, if your Gallery Number is #0004, then every item you bring in (cards, prints, art, etc.) needs to be labeled “#0004”, NOT “1, 2, 3, etc.”. If you put someone else’s Gallery Number on your items by using a number sequence instead of your Gallery Number, you may lose sales!

When you make a sale at the Gallery, your Gallery Number must be included on the sales slip; this is how our Treasurer identifies you so he can write you a check at the end of each exhibit. Your Gallery Number is NOT the same as an “entry Number” in an art show which runs “101, 102, etc.” it is a single, individual number that has been assigned to you.

When signing art for the bi-monthly exhibits, there seems to be some confusion as some members try to put down a sequence of numbers (1,2,3,4, etc.) instead of their Gallery Number next to the art they are signing in. Please don’t do this; If you to put down a sequence of numbers instead of YOUR Gallery Number when signing in your art, it just confuses things.

 The Gallery is located in Downtown Kingsburg in the Village Center Mall (1332 Draper St, Kingsburg, CA 93631). It is open for business Tuesday -- Saturdays from 11:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m., Members who show in the gallery are required to sit the Gallery one day each month. Membership fee is $20.00/year for individual memberships and $25/year for family memberships. You may download and application for membership on the Newsletter page. For More information contact Membership Chair Gail Daley at [email protected] or 559-960-2428


Please note that we still need members to sit for both March and April. It is not really fair for only a few members to sit twice or even three times when some members do not sit at all. If you haven’t signed up to sit, please consider doing so.

 Just a couple of small reminders concerning sitting the gallery; it is required that you sit at least one day per month if you plan to have any art or incidental inventory in the gallery at any time during the year. In other words, if you are considering putting art or incidental inventory in the gallery please plan to sit the gallery each month even if you don’t have art on display every month. Remember, if the Gallery isn’t open no sales can be made. For the Gallery to be open 5 days a week each month, we need at least 20 artists to sit. At the moment we only have 14 active artists, so if at all possible, please consider sitting more than once during the month for as long as you continue to be a member.

 If you have any questions, please give me a call 559-960-2428. Thanks Gail



Incidental inventory is a large part of our sales and we would like to encourage all our members to participate in this area of the Gallery. Even if you don’t have paintings, photos or drawings, you can still participate in the Gallery. Remember the Gallery was created to encourage all of the traditional arts as well as painting, drawing and photography. Traditional Arts include writing, illustrating, fabric arts, jewelry making, ceramics, woodturning and carving, etc. so if you have items you would like to place in the gallery, please bring them in. We keep a separate inventory list for each artist of his or her Incidental inventory. Incidental inventory may be left at the Gallery for as long as you continue to be a member.

We now have a binder for your incidental inventory lists. Names are in alphabetical order. I will have typed inserts for the names the next time I sit the gallery. Blank inventory sheets are in the blue folder in the rear of the binder. The binder will be  located on the shelf to the left behind the desk, along with the  instructions for sitting the gallery.

 Please take the time to go through your individual inventory lists while you are sitting.

 Remember your gallery number will be the same for each item of incidental inventory you bring in. If you want add a separate number for your own records, feel free to do so, but your gallery number needs to be on every item.




 Featured Artists

2014 Featured Artists                                                      

from                   to                        Artist                          

1/20/14              3/17/14              Jim Stephenson          

3/17/14              5/12/14              Doris Runyan              

5/12/14              7/21/14              Swedish Festival         

7/21/14              9/15/14              Helen Gigiliotti            unconfirmed

9/15/14              11/17/14            Alyjha Tauscher          unconfirmed

11/17/14            1/19/15              David Samuels            unconfirmed

Every two months, except May and June the exhibit features a member as our “Featured Artist”. All members are encouraged to volunteer for this. Beginning at 10:00 a.m., we will take down the old display and hang new art. You will receive a letter of instructions. Featured artists are always hung first, so  please be on time as we allot only two hours to take down art from the previous display and put up the new one.

 For publicity purposes, please send (e-mail preferred) a copy of your biography to our Program/Publicity Chair, Patricia Brock at either [email protected] or 10646 S Bethel Ave, Selma, CA 93662 and to Gallery Chair Gail Daley at [email protected] before As soon as possible  in order to meet publicity deadlines.  A copy of the featured artist’s biography will be posted in the Gallery, the newsletter and the website. You may furnish a photo (jpeg) for the website to accompany the biography. The Gallery will be issuing a press release but we encourage you to do so as well.

Featured artists should bring from 14 to 17 medium to large paintings or photographs for the display and a copy of their biography for the display stand with them at receiving. Due to space limitations, the gallery may not take all of the art that is brung in, but will use as many as possible.  The Gallery prefers a variety of subjects in the art with one or two large pieces to catch the eye of the public who pass by the gallery. This is a family-friendly gallery so we do not use nudes or art with graphic violence or sexual themes.

  1. All paintings must be framed; gallery wrap (1.5” to 2” wide on the edge) is acceptable. Use of metal frames is at the risk of the artist.
  2. Frames must be in good repair and ready to hang. The maximum size is 48” x 48”, maximum weight 15 lbs.
  3. Please use flat hangers with wires only, no Saw-tooth, eyelet hangers or quick frames and no screw eyes. The ends of the wire must be taped or sleeved.
  4. Screws for hanging must be no more than 4” inches from the top of the frame and the wire must not show over the top of the frame.
  5. All oils must be completely dry. Watercolor, Drawing and mixed media must be under glass or plexi-glass, unless larger than 24” x 28” and then plexi-glass is required.

You will need to pick up your art on at 10:00 a.m. on the date the exhibit ends. Please be on time as we allot a minimum of two hours to take down art from the previous display and put up the new one and we do not have storage space.


If you are interested, please contact Gail at 559-960-2428 or [email protected]




We are attempting to begin a new program for local authors called  “Featured Writer”.

Gallery’s Responsibility: A publicity release about the author is sent to the local newspaper. Notices of the book signing are also posted on Facebook in two places, Fresno Arts Net, Mind Hub and the Local Art Events Newsletter. The notice includes links to the writer’s website, E-Book, and to local bookstores carrying the writer’s work. A copy of the writer’s profile is also posted in the Local Art Events Newsletter.

Writer’s Responsibility: Sit the Gallery once each month. Turn in a copy of his/her profile at least one (1) month prior to the  exhibit. (The profile should include how and why he/she got started writing, what type of books are written, where the books can be found, etc.). The title of the book featured in the book signing, and a short blurb about the book being featured (similar to the blurb usually found on the front flap of the dust jacket). Bring in books to sign and leave at the gallery for sale.


Although they do not sit the gallery, local artist/writers Pat Hunter and Doug Hansen have placed their books in the Arts Center on a consignment basis.


For more information, on this program

contact Gallery Director Gail Daley at

559-960-2428 or [email protected]



Although they do not sit the gallery, local artist/writers Pat Hunter and Doug Hansen have placed their books in the Arts Center on a consignment basis.


Member's Activities

Links to Other Art Associations around the Valley

Links to Member's Web Sites

Members are encouraged to add their links to this area. You may also send your link to [email protected] with a request that it be added.


If you are having a show or other art event, please let Gail know and she will add it for you. All events should have the date, time, address of the event and whether or not there is a fee. Send this information to [email protected]

Merle Klienhammer Memorial Art Supply Sale


Pam Kjar will be unable to host the sale on the original date of March 2, 2013, so we regret we have had to postpone the Merle Klienhammer memorial art sale until April 6, 2013.


Merle’s husband has kindly donated her unused art supplies (frames, paints, books, etc.) to the Kingsburg Art Center. We will be having a Merle Kleinhammer Memorial art supply sale on March 2, 2012 7:00 a.m. – noon at Pam Kjar’s house. Merle’s husband has kindly donated her unused art supplies (frames, paints, books, etc.) to the Kingsburg Art Center. We will be having a Merle Kleinhammer Memorial art supply sale on April 6, 2012 7:00 a.m. – noon at Pam Kjar’s house. 2360 Azalea St., Kingsburg, CA 93631-1344



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